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My experience with the Capture team was fabulous. Jeannette's makeup and hair style made me look like a High Fashion Model. I loved it. And she is a sweetheart.Damon is very talented and had a lot of positive energy during the shoot that made me really comfortable to work with. I appreciated all the feedback he gave me on how great I was doing.Jemma was very helpful and also gave all of us great feedback.They are all wonderful people and very professional.I absolutely adore all of the pictures, they look very very high fashion, the kind you will see in Vogue Magazine very soon. He is one of my favorite photographers since I started modeling in 2005.I will be very happy to work with them again.God bless them and I wish them a lot of success.Maritza (female model)

Working with Damon has been a blessing in disguise. I'm still a bit green to this world of modeling and photography, and not only has Damon taken care of me from the get go, but as a photographer he is GOLDEN. I've known him for a couple of years now and still he surprises and amazes me with his skill and direction. Having a beautiful wife do make-up and hair only adds to his genious.Mike (male model)

Happy MOM

WOW! is the first word that came to my mind when I looked at the pictures Damon took of my three children. Damon's talent is endless and his ability to capture the essence of each person he photographs is amazing. There were so many pictures that depict each of my children's personalities; to choose one of each was extremely difficult. The atmosphere is casual and fun. Damon has a natural ability to get the kids laughing and relaxed so that they felt uninhibited in front of the camera. My children were completely comfortable, whether posing individually or as a group; whether he had them jumping or dancing. In addition, Damon's wife, Jeanette, styled the children's hair that was fun yet with a little glamour. All of my children loved it (even my son). They all wanted to know when they could come back and do it again. Thank you, Damon and Jeannette for making what could have been a painstaking process easy, exciting and entertaining. xoxo Susan Miller (mother of 3)

My experience at Capture Studios? One word: amazing. First and foremost, Damon Moore is one of the funniest and, well, interesting photographers you will ever meet. From his eccentric accents to his quirky personality to his unbelievably gorgeous photos, the guy's got it all. The pictures from my shoot were beyond what I had ever imagined them to be. Then there's Jemma -- the studio mommy. She takes care of everyone and sees that every last detail is carried out to the tee. What an amazing woman. Her handbag line is to die for, and I can't wait for her business to sky rocket. Jeanette, the hair and makeup artist, is awesome. She is so sweet and made me look ridiculous -- I loved it. The girl knows what she's doing, don't you ever tell her otherwise! With her knowledge of hair textures and styles, how different colors work with different complexions, and eyelash glue (haha), she will make you look like a star. The studio is great, the bathroom is real pretty, and may I recommend the NY Pizza joint down the street? There's no question, you should be honored at the chance to work with these guys. Do it, it'll be the best thing you ever did.Thanks for such an amazing photoshoot guys. Jenna (female model)

To my angels: the Capture dream teamWhen I approached you about helping me build a portfolio, I was afraid. Not because of anything you did but my insecurities with my weight, which you quickly erased from my mind. You showed such passion for what you do which transcends in your pictures. I have not been able to work with anyone else (LOL). You have spoiled me truly. Not by just splashing on make- up, dressing me up and snapping a picture. You brought me in, made me apart of your world, apart of your family and made me FEEL BEAUTIFUL. You inspired me to not just follow my dreams, but to chase them. No words could form sentences of such appreciation. Keep doing what you do, because no one does it better. You guys rock!!!!!!The one and only, D' An Don Juan- Hanna (female model)

My experience with Capture Studios has been very encouraging. Their professionalism and attention to detail is by far one of the best I have experienced thus far. In addition, the photographer, Damon More, took excellent photographs and made each shot better then the previous one. I would highly recommend TPS Studios because they will bring out the best in each and every shot.Keith (Male Model)